About Call for Support


Call for Support

by AMD Al Mamonong

Participating in NAC41 can be the grandest thing that can ever happen to our service to the community. And what makes it very exciting now is that this the first virtual NAC for the BCBP. This will be another feather in your cap brothers and sisters.

Southern Tagalog maybe hosting but we are in this together. That is the spirit of brotherhood we have embraced. And we also say, let that Spirit Transcends in our Area, this is where the resilience of the whole BCBP will come out.

Your NAC41 steering committee is working beyond the usual work hours, burning the wires, and testing their own endurance to give their best for you. They even lack in sleep as they face you today; but you still see them all smiles and enthusiastic…. ALL FOR THE LORD and the BCBP.

Thus, we are knocking on the hearts of all BCBP members from all Areas, Regions, Chapters, and Outreaches to show the same spirit and support the worthy cause. Yes, we are on pandemic, but we all know this is but temporary. Our goal continues amidst this distraction. You yourselves never waver to conduct social action by way of helping those heavily affected by the pandemic, and by any calamity.

The NAC 41 is also the biggest social action you can ever think of. Your participation fees in every specific event will be big help for our cause. In the past regular NAC, when a BCBP member participates, he spends about 10-12K pesos to cover, airfare, hotel accommodation, registration fee, and tours. In this NAC 41, just think of it, you give in your 500peso Registration as donation for charity. You avail of the NAC commemorative shirt for 400 pesos, and possibly join the Virtual Run for 1000, all summed up shelling out 1900. The raffle ticket you pay is the same ticket you will have for charity while having a chance to win 1-M pesos.

Please also listen to this ; A chapter can sponsor the entry to the Praise Jam with 10K, and those with more than enough in coffers can even donate another 10K for the NAC, that 10K will be exchanged with 20-raffle tickets for the chapter, if the ticket wins, the Chapter wins.

Remember, the NAC41 is an event of the BCBP we all love. This is everybody’s event. And the success of every event or program lies on the full participation of its members. Come one , come all. Let us spread this big news to all our members. Everyone deserves to rejoice, to celebrate and have fun. Thank you everyone.