by NAC41 Chairman Edgar Y. Ramilo

NAC-41 will be the BIGGEST online event in BCBP this year. This will be the first time, that our National Anniversary Celebration will be held totally virtual. In previous NACs (which were all held face-to-face), we averaged about 4,000 to 5,000 attendees. But this time, in NAC-41, we expect to have the biggest number of participants in a National Anniversary. We estimate to have about 8,000 to 10,000 participants or even more.

You might be asking why do we expect to have a big number of attendees in this year’s Virtual NAC, as compared to the previous years’ face-to face NACs?

Well, there are several reasons, and one of which is the MINIMAL COST. Attending a face-to-face NAC involves relatively high expenses for the participants. Members had to spend for Airfare (or Sea-fare), Hotel Accommodations (or lodging expenses), Local Transportation, and other travel-related expenses.

This year, since our NAC41 will be virtual, all of these relatively big expenses to attend the NAC, will be eliminated already. No more airfare (or sea-fare expenses), No more hotel accommodations (or lodging expenses), No more local-transportation or other travel-related expenses, etc.

So now, you might be asking how can we compare the registration fee of previous NACs to this year’s NAC. Well, in past NACs, we normally had a registration fee of P2,500 per person This year, in NAC 41, we will only have a very minimal participation fee of just P500 per person. This is very much lower than our normal NAC registration fee (i.e. five times lower). And what’s really good about it, is that, this minimum amount will already allow you to helping our charity works, and will likewise entitle you to one (1) FREE Raffle Ticket that will give you a chance to win P1M grand prize in our raffle draw.

Thus, not only will you be able to attend our NAC 41 (and get spiritually nourished and inspired), you will also be able to share your blessings with our less fortunate fellowmen, and still have a chance of winning P1 million.

Aside from this, a lot of members have already missed attending the NAC. Last year we did not have a NAC because of the pandemic. This year, NAC41 will give all our members, the opportunity to feel once again that very wonderful experience of attending a National Anniversary : From a Spirit-Filled Friday Night of Worship, to an inspiring Saturday Grand Breakfast, to a fun-filled Saturday Night Fellowship. It will also give us an opportunity to reconnect with each other. Plus a whole lot of exciting activities that will be done prior to the NAC itself. In short, this means that the ongoing pandemic, will NEVERSTOP US from celebrating as One Community, and as One Family, the 41 marvelous years that the Lord has blessed our BCBP community!

All of these are in line with our NAC41 Theme “BREAKOUT,” which was inspired by the scripture passage from Mark 14:29 : “Come, Jesus said. Then Peter got down of the boat, walked on the water, and came toward the Lord.” Peter was driven by sheer faith, to get out of the boat (or from his comfort zone), in order to meet the Lord. In the same manner, we BCBP members, despite this pandemic, are going out of our comfort zones (or from the way we normally do things) into doing things differently now (under the new norm), in order to continuously serve the Lord.

In previous NACs, almost all of the attendees were from our local Chapters and Outreaches here in the Philippines. Only very few members from our international chapters, outreaches, and missions were able to attend. So now, since our NAC-41 will be fully virtual, this will be a very good opportunity for all our members in the US, Canada, and Asia Pacific Areas to attend.

In fact, this will be the first time in BCBP history that many members from all over the world will be able to attend the National Anniversary. Thus, this will make our NAC-41 a truly BIG BCBP INTERNATIONAL EVENT, or a GLOBAL BCBP NATIONAL ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION !!!

This is history in the making! This is a very special event that we cannot afford to miss! Let us all join and be part of this historic event!

We look forward to your participation. God bless all of you.